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​Otto is Laser-Focused on the Customer
Tue 6th Aug 2019 at 11:06am, 0 comments

Michael P. Costello, new president of Otto Environmental, hustles from his office, to the production floor, to finance and then back again. 

"You know, I really don't like meetings, especially ones where I stand in the front of the room and lecture. I really want feedback and engagement," says Costello.

In talking to Costello, he shares that feedback and engagement will be the difference-makers for Otto in the waste industry; especially when it comes from customers.

"We have developed a stringent customer service policy which dictates that any customer concern is an emergency and must be resolved immediately. We want to be in front of any problems our customers have and make it beneficial for them to partner with us."

As we walk the manufacturing floor, Costello points out recent changes. Presses have moved or been replaced; taking Otto's products back to concentrate on residential waste carts.  Costello describes residential as Otto's sole focus.

"The focus of the company is shifting from a multi-tiered manufacturer to a growth company. That growth is all focused on our core business; manufacturing, selling and servicing residential waste carts."

Like the company he now leads, Costello is focused.

"Otto's main goal is to surprise and delight our customers," says Costello. Mike believes he has the experience to meet the challenge. With over a quarter-century in the waste industry, Costello will rely heavily on his background. 

"I have been a garbage man for 25 years and the companies I worked for and owned are Otto's current customer. That gives me insight into what our customers want."

According to Costello, haulers and municipalities want a well-built cart, when they want it, at a fair price. 

"The benefit of Otto's singular focus is that we have shorter lead times and our cart customers aren't competing for press time against other products. That's how we will grow this business," says Costello And that growth is Mike's main priority. As Otto shifts into growth mode, Costello plans to develop Otto in the same fashion as those in the industry who have inspired him. 

 "I really admire how people like John Casella took his company from a small regional hauler to a powerhouse in the New England area. That's how we want to build Otto. I also greatly respect Don Slager, who is a thoughtful leader that knows how to grow a business."

Costello's phone rings and he excuses himself. It's a new customer with a question; a good example of the engagement Costello welcomes that will help continue to grow the business.

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