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Cooperative Purchasing

No Bidding. Save Time. Save Money.

Streamline the purchasing process by taking advantage of Otto’s competitively priced contracts through one of our cooperative purchasing partners. Otto refuse and recycling containers can be purchased by public entities, such as municipalities, counties, universities, etc., without having to go to bid.

  • The BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative is a national online purchasing cooperative designed to streamline the buying process for schools, municipalities and other public entities. BuyBoard contracts were developed to comply with state laws which require government entities to make purchases from an approved list of vendors who have gone through a competitive procurement process.
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  • HGACBuy is a nationwide cooperative purchasing program that provides procurement services to governmental and non-profit entities. HGACBuy contracts have been awarded by virtue of a public competitive bid or RFP process in compliance with government purchasing statutes.
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  • It’s time for you to start saving time and money on your refuse and recycling containers. Skip the bid process and download our cooperative purchasing brochure to share with your team.