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Manage Assembly And Distribution

Tracking The Progress Of Your A&D Project Online

The Assembly and Distribution (A&D) tool tracks the progress of your A&D Project in an organized digital format. Otto imports a scrubbed A&D address list into The Service Portal. For A&D projects requiring RFID, a badge scanner records the RFID tag and communicates it directly to The Service Portal. For serial number only tracking, A&D crews utilize handheld tablets to document the serial number, which is translated directly to The Service Portal. This information is available in virtual real time for reporting purposes. If only confirming delivery, the A&D crew will mark each address as delivered via the tablet. By using a tablet, Otto’s A&D crew can add addresses and mark exceptions as required in the field (for example: vacant lot or customer refused delivery).

    Customer Tools:

  • Choose between daily downloads or near real-time reporting on open and completed deliveries

  • Export open and completed deliveries to Excel

  • Virtual Real-Time Reporting: The status of completed deliveries is reported in near real-time during an A&D project. This access to up-to-date delivery information can be instrumental in quickly answering customer service calls.

Assembly & Distribution