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Organic Waste Solutions

Plastic Containers Built For Tough Organic Waste

Organics segmentation benefits both the hauler and environment by diverting waste out of the landfill, reducing tipping costs, and generating alternative revenue streams. Otto container systems take composting to the next level by increasing participation rates and curb appeal all while reducing contaminants fed into the waste stream.

    Yard Trimmings
  • Otto plastic 2-wheel carts are designed for collecting grass clippings and other yard waste, to speed up decomposition, reduce weight and volume thus reducing the cost to collect yard waste
  • Optional vents on each side of the cart provide for free air flow to foster evaporation of moisture and minimize odor
    Food Waste
  • A variety of in-home use kitchen pail options facilitate residential carted programs for the collection of food waste
  • Fully-sealed 25 and 35 gallon 2-wheel carts feature smooth walls for easy loading, unloading and cart cleaning
  • Business and commercial sized plastic containers conducive to large volume acidic food waste disposal
    Organic Waste Carts
  • 25, 35, 45, 65 and 95 gallon 2-wheel carts
  • Superior injection molded cart design composed of high density polyethylene
  • All sizes compatible with both semi-automated and fully-automated collection systems
  • Large axle diameter supports heavy organic loads
  • Molded-in, plastic lift bar fully encloses container base
    Organic Waste Dumpsters
  • 1-4 yard front load and rear load configurations
  • Durable HDPE or MDPE will not rust or corrode from acidic organic waste while powder coated steel components support and distribute payload
  • Bolted through casters secured with watertight neoprene washers prevent leaking
  • Corrugation helps to maintain container shape and prevent gaps between container body and lid when handling heavy organic waste
  • Specialty organic lid and gravity locks available