A Pioneer in the Waste Industry!

Since 1983, OTTO is proud of our lasting partnerships with diverse municipalities and private haulers.

We are proud to be known as a valued and dependable partner, that doesn’t just treat its products as

commodities, but respects each and every client and is a full service partner.

We provide everything

you need including:

• Two-wheeled carts
• Recycling Bins
• Commercial Dumpsters
• Container Management Services
• Container Assembly & Distribution Services
• Container Rebranding
• White Glove Cart Delivery
• 100% Financing
• Delivery of Carts in 5 days

Our sales team

is here for you!

They attend to the detail so you don’t have to. They follow up, and are engaged before, during the sale, AND after the sale. All of our team have longevity in the waste industry and we understand your needs.
Our customer support team looks after your order from start to finish to ensure it is completed as promised.
We have  factories in the West and East and are strategically located to serve you, wherever you may be. On time every time!

OTTO pioneered the 2-wheeled plastic waste cart in 1965. We designed the product with effective collection in mind, based upon a simple, high quality solution, which works for you.

Our carts are manufactured via injection molding and we utilize HDPE, a material which is heavy duty and fully recyclable.
Our carts last longer with UV resistant plastic for long term exposure to sunlight
Our product is designed with features to ensure you receive the durability and the quality you expect from your cart, including:

Bottom wear strips

Cart handle support ribs

Consistent wall thickness

Stress absorbers

Reinforced lid attachment points
Dual molded-on bottom “wear strip”
Strengthened wheel axle mounts
Injection molding process ensuring consistency throughout

Quality in Every Cart!

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
We are regularly audited to main this along with other quality standards.
Every cart is inspected for conformity to strict requirements.
Our manufacturing process provides stress crack resistance, impact strength, and hot/cold temperature toughness.
Each lot of HDPE resin is extensively tested to ensure quality standards are met, every time.
A 10-year cart warranty
Snap-on wheels that roll easily and allow control of the cart
A large oversize solid steel axle to provide exceptional durability
A cart that leads the industry in wind stability
A maintenance-free container, decreasing costly labor for repair
A durable metal lower “catch” bar
A Graphics Designer to serve you for your instructions and for your branding
A selection of many colors
Superior hot stamping using the latest technology for durability and for appearance
A good looking cart that complements the environment
We maintain product in service for decades.  Our first carts in Minneapolis during the 1980’s remain working strong today.
The average life of an OTTO is 15 years or longer.
OTTO is committed to corporate sustainability at our manufacturing locations and in our community. Within our manufacturing process, OTTO uses the highest possible levels of recycled content without compromising product integrity.
OTTO has centered its policies and procedures around environmental sustainability – those actions that reduce the impact that the company’s manufacturing has on both local and global environments. Our manufacturing operations have increasingly incorporated additional efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. In the past few years, OTTO has been able to reduce six-fold its solid waste generation through reclamation, recycling, and recapturing efforts.

Vision and Values

OTTO’s core vision and values include “Surprising and Delighting” customers, and our team engaged and is driven to ensure nothing less than full satisfaction with our product offering, assembly, and distribution, and related after sale support for the life of the product.  Our goal is to provide industry leading service and second to none support around our product. 
OTTO’s manufacturing team meets daily to review progress toward delivery targets committed to, to ensure we meet and/or exceed the required production delivery.
OTTO’s assembly and distribution process is very well planned and orchestrated, to ensure seamless transition of the carts from us to the individual residents.
Our long tradition of service and support of municipalities far and wide, the proven durability and reliability of our product, our assembly and distribution product, along with our after sales support well equips OTTO to perform for you!