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Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.

Pioneer Container

2 Yard Front Load


  • Corrugated bottom and sides provide strength
  • Weighs significantly less than same-size metal dumpsters
  • Low maintenance - never needs painting, is easy to clean and is dent resistant
  • Steel support channels distribute heavy loads evenly across the container floor
  • All steel parts have a coating that protects the metal from rust development. Steel hardware is e-coated prior to powder coating to increase longevity, appearance and durability
  • Quick change caster plates improve replacement efficiency
  • Manual and gravity lock options available

2 Yard FL Specifications

Load Height *
50 in.
Max Height *
51 1/4 in.
Width **
83 1/2 in.
42 1/2 in.

* Height includes casters.

** Width includes lifting pockets.


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