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Open And Completed Work Orders For Each Resident

On The Service Portal, the Service area outlines open and completed work orders for each customer location. A resident address list is pre-loaded into The Service Portal to assist with the creation of new work orders. Utilizing a custom template, Otto can upload customer provided work orders daily to The Service Portal. In the field, Otto Drivers are provided tablets with access to The Service Portal. As work orders are completed on the route, an Otto driver documents the work order status with a handheld tablet. Daily reporting on completed work orders is provided for easy reconciliation with customer’s internal systems. The External Ref ID field accommodates customer specific system work order identifications.

    Customer Tools

  • Choose between daily downloads or near real-time reporting on open and completed work orders

  • Export open and completed work orders to Excel

  • Add work orders "On The Fly" for same day service completion (for live feed reporting option only)

  • Work Order Fields: Work Order Type (repair/replacement/etc.), Repair Type, Cart Size, Cart Type, Serial Number, RFID (optional), Exception Notes, Route Assignment and Status (open/closed)

Work Order Listing