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12 Advantages Of Otto's Hybrid Plastic & Steel Dumpsters

Otto's Hybrid Plastic & Steel Dumpsters Are Engineered For Strength And Durability

Let’s face it – Commercial dumpsters live a tough life. Outdoors. Full of trash. Lifted and dumped. Then back to the ground! You need a strong, durable container that is built to withstand the elements and requires little maintenance. We think our hybrid plastic/steel dumpsters are the right choice for your private or municipal waste collection program. So if all you have ever used is steel then this is for you. Take a look and learn why a hybrid plastic/steel dumpster has many advantages - In fact, here’s 12!

1. Hybrid Plastic/Steel Composition

Available in a full family of sizes including 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 yard front load and 2 yard rear load configurations, Otto's dumpsters weigh significantly less than same-size metal dumpsters, improving maneuverability. The placement of steel components reduces potential for damage where truck comes into contact with container while the high grade plastic body will not rust or corrode.

2. Quiet Noise Level

Ideal for early morning collection in highly populated areas, Otto's plastic dumpsters are quieter with a lower sound frequency and have a more cushioned sound than comparable all steel dumpsters.

3. Corrugated Construction

The corrugated construction on Otto's dumpsters transitions from front and back surfaces to the container’s bottom, reducing floor sag and deformation while experiencing heavy loads. This corrugation helps to maintain container shape and prevent gaps between container body and lid when handling heavy waste streams.

4. Electrophoretic Coating

All steel parts have a coating that protects the metal from rust development. The steel hardware is e-coated prior to powder coating to increase longevity, appearance and durability.

5. Quick Change Caster Plates

Otto's quick change caster plates allow for quick caster replacement in the field with a single nut and bolt installation. The container requires no additional disassembly.

6. Serial Numbers

Otto’s containers are serialized for optimized asset management while production date stamps increase traceability.

7. Branding Locations

Front center surface area is designed to provide maximum visibility and accommodate a variety of customizations including decal plates, stickers, or heat transfer labels.

8. Wall Thickness

Durable and consistently strong containers are designed for heavy loading and are maintained through stringent process controls.

9. Steel Lift Pockets

Lift pockets are bolted to a molded-in support ledge on the container to bear the majority of weight during collection. The pockets are installed at the highest possible point for easy fork entry, reducing fork positioning time.

10. ANSI Compliant

Complies with all safety signage and compatible with required front or rear load lifting systems.

11. Trunnion Bar

Otto utilizes a nested 1/2" trunnion bar that uses gussets as additional support to preserve the integrity of the steel in heavy load applications on their 2 yard rear load model.

12. High Grade Plastic

UV resistant to help prevent UV degradation and color fading due to long term sunlight exposure. Low maintenance – dent resistant, easy to clean, and no painting required.