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Benefits of Otto's ColorFUSE Cart Branding Technology

Customize Your Trash & Recycling Cart With Multi-Color Graphics

If you haven’t heard already, Otto is revolutionizing waste and recycling cart graphics with our ColorFUSE cart branding technology. ColorFUSE allows for multi-color branding on your trash or recycling cart lid. The ColorFUSE graphic is literally fused with the cart base/lid plastic, becoming part of the cart base/lid itself. The ColorFUSE graphic cannot be scratched off, peeled off or chemically removed; it is essentially fused with the plastic; hence ColorFUSE! So, say goodbye to white foil and hello to color.

Are you a municipality?

Utilize ColorFUSE cart branding technology to showcase your city seal - it's fine details will appear sharp and crisp.

Looking for brand consistency?

Let’s say your logo is more than one color (like most are!) Wouldn’t it be great for your carts to match your trucks? Give your brand some consistency by showcasing your logo is in original multi-color form.