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4 Reasons To Attend WasteCon

Learn Why This SWANA Event Must Be On Your Calendar

1. Meet Our Growing Family

If you haven't heard yet, Otto has expanded its Edge product line to now include a 45 gallon cart. On the way is also a 25 gallon Edge cart. Let's chat about getting you the right waste and recycling container to meet your program requirements. You'll find Otto at booth #1223.

2. Discover Full Color Cart Branding

At Otto, we believe you should be able to use your cart as a billboard for your business. In fact, we just wrote an article in the August issue of WasteAdvantage Magazine that gives you the secrets to a successful cart graphic. Read the full article or stop by to discuss how you can get the best bang for your advertising buck. Click here to read Otto's cart branding article starting on page 31

3. Theme Days

Yes, this is real and we are super excited too! Get ready to see your colleagues dressed to impress on WasteCon's theme days:

Monday 8/25: Sports Day
Tuesday 8/26: Recycled Apparel Day
Wednesday 8/27: Cowgirl & Cowboy Day
Thursday 8/28: Beach Day

4. Real Solutions For Municipalities

Transitioning to a new collection system can be challenging. There are multiple factors to consider when deciding on your new program, which can include budgetary limitations, operational compatibility, and equipment concerns.

Otto provides guidance and tailored solutions needed to streamline the process, products, and financial solutions necessary to meet your budgetary requirements and implementation deadlines. View brochure on growing a carted collection system