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How To Pick The Right Cart Branding Method

Learn The Most Used Applications For Hot Stamps, In-Mold Labels And ColorFUSE

When it comes to branding your 2-wheeled cart, you have choices. Whether you are adding your company logo, city seal, or waste stream instructions, it is important to clearly communicate to your customers. Otto offers a variety of trash and recycling cart graphic options.

Hot Stamps

If you choose to hot stamp your trash cart lid or base, you will need to make sure that you have very simple artwork as that is what works best with this medium. To communicate waste stream instructions on the lid, try short phrases like “Trash”, “Recycling Only”, “Organics”, etc. Utilize straightforward graphics like the universally recognized recycling Mobius loop. If budget is a concern, then this is the option for you. This is the lowest cost cart branding method.

In-Mold Labels

When it comes to recycling, it's important for customers to separate and collect the proper materials. For a more detailed and/or colored lid graphic that describes your waste stream instructions, in-mold labels can be a great fit. These labels are molded into the cart lid and allow the use of photography as well as being UV protected as not to peel, scratch or fade quickly. Depending upon the quantity, number of colors used and label size, costs will vary.


If you are looking for that “wow” factor then look no further than Otto’s ColorFUSE resin-based branding technology. ColorFUSE allows for multi-colored graphics that are literally fused with the plastic cart becoming part of the lid/base itself. Talk about durable and long-lasting! Here you have an option that allows you to stay true to your branding and stand out at the curb. If your logo is red, white and blue, then your logo is red, white and blue on the base of your cart! ColorFUSE graphics also allow for detailed waste stream instructions that are crisp and brilliantly communicated on the lid of your 2-wheeled cart. Like in-mold labels, cost is dependent upon the number of colors used and label size.

For more information visit our container graphic services page or download our Otto Cart Graphic Options Brochure.