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How To Keep Your Garbage Man Safe

Tips From The “Slow Down To Get Around” Safety Campaign

It is important to make sure that our garbage men and women stay safe when they come by weekly to pick up our waste and recycling carts curbside. The “Slow Down To Get Around” safety campaign reminds all motorists to be more careful as they drive near garbage and recycling collection trucks. Here are 4 safe driving tips:

1. Slow Down

We have all been there, so when you are behind that garbage truck on your way to work, school or home, make sure you slow down and stop if required so that your waste and recycling workers can complete their jobs safely.

2. Look For Workers

Make sure that your eyes are peeled and you have looked for workers before you try to pass a garbage or recycling truck.

3. Check For Traffic

Before you try to pass a truck, ensure that you have checked for traffic coming in the opposite direction before going around the truck. This protects the garbage truck driver as well as yourself from any potential accidents.

4. Avoid Distractions

Make sure you don’t text and drive. Keep your eyes on the road - not the radio, changing your GPS, or looking for that “thing” that fell between the seats.

Remember these tips and together we can all get home safely.