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Organic Waste Collection Goals

Get The Facts & Figures: Learn How Otto Can Help You Achieve Your Organic Waste Collection Goals

Americans generated 251 million tons of MSW in 2012, of which only 87 million tons were recycled and composted—a 34.5 percent recycling rate1. Having the right container, in the right size, can make it easier for residents to participate in recycling and composting initiatives. As diversion and segmentation of food waste and yard waste is becoming increasingly important, Otto containers play an important role.

Food Waste

At 14.5 percent, food waste is one of the largest landfill commodities and in some areas is mandated to be removed from regular tipping1.

Yard Waste

In 2012, the EPA recorded over 19 million tons of yard trimmings being composted—an increase almost five-fold since 19901.

When considering the addition of an organics waste container to your collection services, you should consider the following:

Are you serving the residential or commercial customer? Depending upon the estimated amount of organic waste being generated, it is important to select a container that will provide the right amount of storage. For example, Otto’s hybrid plastic/steel dumpsters serve the commercial customer well as they are available in variety of sizes and their durable HDPE or MDPE construction battles acidic waste while their powder coated steel components distribute payload and prevent rust.

Is the container compatibility with your collection system? Whether you have a semi-automated and fully-automated collection system in place, you need a container that can easily be incorporated into your system. For food waste, Otto’s 25 gallon Edge 2-wheel cart is compatible with both fully automated side-load and semi-automated rear load equipment equipped with tipper adapter plate.

Will the container leak wet organic waste? When containing organic waste, it is important to have leak-proof container base. Otto 2-wheel carts are available with fully integrated plastic lift bars creating a fully enclosed base while Otto plastic dumpsters are equipped with oversized stainless steel washers reinforced with watertight neoprene backing prevent leaching at component mountings.

Is the container strong enough for heavy organic waste? Food waste can be heavy! Otto carts are manufactured from high density polyethylene and are equipped with large diameter axles to support hefty organic loads. For additional support, Otto’s SteeLite brand of dumpsters are composed of a plastic molded body with a steel frame and base that provides additional support when container is at full capacity.

These are just a few of the many considerations when deciding on the right organic waste container for your food waste or yard waste needs. For more information on Otto’s organic waste solutions download our brochure or visit our Organic Waste Solutions page.

1Source: EPA, MSW Fact Sheet 2012