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Trash Cart Use Guidelines

Guidelines On The Safe And Proper Use Of Your Otto Roll-Out Cart

Loading Your Waste Or Recycling Cart

To place refuse in your cart, lift the lid from the front. Be careful not to overload your cart in excess of the ability to safely maneuver it. 

Keep The Lid Shut

Always keep the lid shut. This will help keep animals and precipitation out, and odors and refuse in the cart. 

Rolling Your Otto Cart To The Curb

To move your cart, stand behind it with the lid closed. Grasp the handle with both hands and place one foot on the metal axle or plastic footrest located at the bottom center of the cart. Tilt cart toward you and push to roll it forward. To help prevent personal injury, do not tilt the cart too far back, attempt to move the cart when overloaded, or attempt to move the cart with the lid open. 

Placing Your Cart Out For Collection

Your cart should be placed at the curb or the alley pick-up point the night before your collection day. The cart should be placed within five feet of the curb or street. Handles should be facing away from the street. Be careful not to block any obstructions such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, utility poles or parked cars. 

Storing Your Cart

Your cart is designed to be stored in your garage or other convenient location at your home, such as inside a gate or next to a storage shed. Take care not to store your cart close to a furnace, fireplace, grill, or any other source of excessive heat. 

Caring For Your Otto Cart

Your Otto cart is designed for easy maintenance. Simply rinse your cart with water from time to time. Never place paints, solvents, flammable liquids, hot ashes, dead animals, oils, liquids, or medical waste, such as exposed needs, in your cart.