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What Does It Mean To Be IGBC Certified?

Learn More About Bears And The IGBC Process

North America has several species of bear, including Black Bears, Brown Bears, and Polar Bears. And all of them come equipped with a HUGE appetite. Some of them weigh in at over 1,000 lbs. (453.59 kg)! When not in hibernation, bears are constantly on the prowl for their next meal. With human populations ever-expanding, it is becoming more difficult to keep humans and bears from crossing paths. 

Discarded food scraps are easy pickings for a wondering bear. Whether its pilfering through your trash can, scaling your deck for bird feed, or interrupting your fun on a camping trip - bears are always in search of a quick meal. In some parts of North America, it has become such a nuisance that precautions and preparations are made from necessity. One of the easiest things a homeowner can do to combat bear activity is to bear-proof their home. Here's where the IGBC comes into play.

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) conducts testing for various products at the request of manufacturers, such as Otto. Waste container testing involves placing the containers in an enclosed bear habitat, with a bear, for an extended amount of time. The waste bin usually contains salmon, or a similar bear favorite, to entice the bear to gain entry into the container. Bears have been known to pound, beat, jump on, scratch, claw at, and turn the containers upside down...all in efforts to get their treat. If the bear fails, the product gains IGBC certification or approval. If the bear succeeds, the product fails the test.

Otto BearSaver Grizzly-style containers in 95, 65, and 32-gallon passed the IGBC testing. BearSaver containers are constructed of durable HDPE plastic with strong steel reinforcements. All Otto BearSaver containers have a special latch box under the bib that allows for human entry but does not permit animal entry. A snap-shut lid does not require manual re-latching, the container is designed for semi-automated and manual waste collection. Other features include a wear strip at the container’s bottom to combat against the wear and tear of collection equipment, lid curvature that prevents water retention, and a wide footprint that is not prone to fall over after collection.

BearSaver containers are available in Grizzly, Black Bear and Varmint protection levels. Read more about them on the BearSaver product page or download our brochure below.