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Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.

Technology Solutions

The Tools To Track Container Activity

Otto's robust IT team ensures attention to detail with equipment and data.

A&D Project SolutionsA&D Project

A&D Project Solutions

  • Utilize RFID/barcodes to link cart and address information
  • Confirm container specifications including waste type, quantity, and serial number validity
Container Management SolutionsContainer Management

Container Management Solutions

  • Real-time service verification allows orders to be updated and closed - all while in the field
  • Convenient handheld device saves time and labor
  • Decrease errors, duplication, and exception reporting
  • Allows for same-day work order completion
Truck Collection SolutionsTruck Collection

Truck Collection Solutions

  • Records RFID tag and truck position as container is emptied into truck
  • Dispatchers receive real-time information on current truck locations and completed actions
  • In-truck options to assign up to three communication buttons to relay information back to dispatcher in regards to containers missing curbside, container repairs needed, etc.